A Lego 3D printer that prints lego

Hackaday.com usually gives me a lot of material to feed my “being geek”: today this article caught my attention…

Lego 3D Printer

A 3d printer made with Lego that prints Lego blocks!

From HackADay.com:

It’s Prusa i3 based, and originally started out as an A4 plotter with repurposed steppers out of an old HP printer. After upgrading to some NEMA 17 steppers, it became a full-blown 3D printer. It turns out that NEMA 17 stepper mounting holes align perfectly with Lego, making it super easy to mount them. Check out this Lego ‘datasheet’ for some great details on measurements. The brains of the printer are occupied by Marlin running atop a Atmega 2560, and Pronterface for the PC software. He tops it off with a Geeeteck built MK8 extruder boasting a 0.3 mm nozzle that accepts 1.75 mm filament. As with almost any DIY 3D printer build, his first prints didn’t turn out so well. After adjusting the nozzle and filament size in the software, he started to get some good results.

Here’s a video of the printer at work:

The machines start to build for themselves … we are doomed! :-)

Published: June 08 2015