Mobile Apps


Simple client for accessing instances of Tiny Tiny RSS (http://tt-rss.org/).

Allows you to read and manage your feeds, add tags and sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter.

A great replacement for GoogleReader


Install 'Bug' on an Android smartphone, hide it where you want (in the car, purse, home, office) or install it on the phone of the person to ''spy'': the application is completely invisible to the end user.

Does not affect battery life, the application does not need to remain open.

It allows you to control the position of the phone, make calls, check the list of calls and forward all SMS traffic to another number.


Facebook Fitness Report

Simple web application for accessing Fitness OpenGraph data through facebook APIs. All HTML5, with responsive layout.


A simple, high-configurable, lightweight blogging platform with responsive layout based on bootstrap.

BloggerSync Beta

Simple web application to post on blogspot articles taken from an RSS feed (news)


TinyTiny RSS instance, hosted on DigitalOcean, heavily optimized for YATTRSSC(Project Closed)


Web proxy that uses the Tor network to ensure the anonymity of users.
Allows you to visit normal websites but also tor hidden nodes.   (Project Closed)