Facebook Fitness Report: a simple webapp to access opengraph fitness data

In my previous post, I have published a simple report of my running activities in 2014. All data used for the report are extracted from my facebook datafeed, using the OpenGraph API.


Some of my twitter followers asked me if I have used a custom script to make the report: yes, initially I have realized a simple jquery page, that i have converted in a webapp with small changes. May be useful for other runners!

The app is realized in HTML5 (using a usefull responsive boilerplate), with some facilities offered by JQuery and JQueryUI.

After the facebook login process, needed to obtain an access token, the access to facebook data feed is made with a simple $.getJSON call, with a simple trick: by default, the result is paginated but with an optional querystring parameter (limit=100000)

$.getJSON("https://graph.facebook.com/v2.2/me/fitness.runs?limit=100000&access_token=" + fbToken

i have forced the API to return all datafeed.


All processed data are stored locally in the browser using the localStorage capability, for a fast further access.

The application is available from http://fitnessreport.andreafortuna.org (actually works only with Firefox and Chrome): is made with a responsive layout, so can be visualized on mobile and desktop.

Obviously all source code is available on my GIT repository: suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

Published: January 14 2015