Running Chronicles: my 4 reasons to get up and run before sunrise

Some colleagues asked me: “Why go running every morning before come to the office?”.

Morning run

The explanation is very simple, in my case:

  1. I don’t like make workouts in the afternoon: after the office work i like to devote some time to more relaxing activities (reading, cooking, listen music, watching movies and TV Series)

  2. Face the day with a “endorphin overdose” makes everything more easy!

  3. After a workout done at the sunrise (6:30AM), just woke up and half asleep (in Rome they say “con gli occhi abbottonati” - “with buttoned eyes” ) and (in winter) with a temperature close to zero, all things to do in the day suddenly seem trivial!

  4. Last but not least: do your workout before the rest of the world is awake saves marriages and cohabitations, especially with partners who do not like running!

Published: February 26 2015