Avoid blisters, with shoes and barefoot

A blister is an accumulation of plasma and other body fluids between the layers of the epidermis or between this and the dermis.

Barefoot Runner

The presence of this small bag filled with liquid also prevents the contact of the bacteria with the wound by removing the risk of infections.

Here is a small Decalogue (made by drawing exclusively on my personal experiences and probably without any medical basis) to prevent the formation of blisters, to speed healing and how to use them in our favor:

  • Running a little, but every day; the skin of the foot in this way you can get used gradually and smoothly.

  • Avoid running long on wet surfaces: wet skin is soft and sensitive to abrasion.

  • If possible, avoid treadmill: the carpet tends to heat, friction together with the heat increases the risk of blisters.

  • Always bring back a pair of shoes or sandals; if you feel pain or even just a little burning, wear it and preferably go home walking.

Blister healed, improved skin!
  • If the skin of the foot is particularly dry, moisturize with a cream with zinc oxide.

  • If you use minimal shoes, soften the skin of the foot with petroleum jelly or zinc oxide cream before wearing

  • Do not use only minimalist shoes: always include a bit of barefoot running in the workout to strengthen the foot.

  • But in the end, the blisters can be our friends: the skin of the feet regenerates itself very quickly, and at the points where is affected by a bladder tends to recur more thick and durable. The body knows how to care and adapt itself: if in a particular point of the foot friction is more strong, skin will grow more strong and resilient.

Published: June 04 2015