365 days, 369 workouts!

Train every day, for a whole year? I did it!

Pretty Tired

July 4, is my ‘runner birthday’: July 4, 2012 i got up from the couch, and after more than 30 years of sedentary life, like “Forrest Gump” (but more overweight) i started running … and simply i never stopped!

Runner Birthday

On 4 July of last year I said to myself:

It can be able to running every day, ignoring holidays/weather conditions/diseases, for a whole year?.

Well, I decided to try it and today i can say i did it, with a total result of 369 workout sessions in 365 days (yes, in some days i made two daily training sessions!).

Here the link to the spreadsheet where I stored the data of all workouts, created using facebook’s fitness data extracted with my webapp http://fitnessreport.andreafortuna.org:


In total, i have completed 369 workouts, and covered the distance of 4,517 km.

Final thoughts on this year?

Transition to the natural running successfully completed, I started running barefoot.

On some days, the fatigue was more present than in other, but increasing the calories (god bless bananas) and going to sleep soon has solved all the problems.

I do not have enough data to say that my raw vegan diet helped me, but the performance degradation in the rare occasions when I have eaten cooked food would seem to confirm my theory.

And now?

I could take (finally!) a day off, but i like too much the chance of reach two years of daily workouts!

Published: July 04 2015