The grumpy runner #2: Shut up and run!

Like any good fan of running, I follow constantly forums and Facebook groups which discuss about the sport.


And I am surprised to find very few threads that talk about how jogging is beautiful, healthy and funny: I read almost only messages related to injuries, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle strains and shoes best to avoid them. As if an expensive pair of shoes can make up for deficiencies and errors of the runner.

(Fortunately, not everything is lost: in the last days i found a group of cheerful and happy runners!)

If nature created us predisposed to the run (for this we have the Achilles tendon), and created us without shoes, running relying on “super-technological” shoes which tend to ‘correct’ the natural foot support, you run in a unnatural mode.

And work unnaturally with any body part sooner or later leads to an injury.

So, the advice of the grumpy runner for all the unfortunate who complain on the forums of their injuries is:

Do not pay attention to technology, Do not pay attention to the workout plan, forget the repeats, the pace, laptimes, calories, proteins and carbs , wear the first pair of comfortable shoes that happen to hand (or not wear it at all), relax and … shut up and run!

ShutUp and Run!


Published: September 02 2015