The grumpy runner #3: Milan, DeeJayTen 2015

Also this year I participated to the DeeJayTen, a non-competitive event organized by radio station Radio DeeJay that covers a distance of 10 kilometers in the center of Milan.


Leaving aside the lack of importance in terms of racing, the eye stands out the social component of the race, and the The grumpy runner cannot refrain from commenting what passes under his eyes.

So, here my DeeJayTen’s bestiary:

The ultra-technologic runner


With 3 devices on the left wrist: a Garmin Forerunner 10, a TomTom Multi-Sport, and a FitBit Charge.

Comparative review or obsession about GPS tracking?

The farsighted runner

Energy Gels

Already on the start line (Do you remember? It’s a 10 kilometer!), waiting for the start, he began to ‘suck’ an energy gel.

I found him gasping seated on the sidewalk, around the fourth kilometer.

The (too) motivated runner


Wearing a t-shirt that read:

“Non mi fermo quando sono stanco, mi fermo quando ho finito”

(“I do not stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done”).

He starts the race running at a very high pace, so much so that in a couple of minutes I lose him completely from view.

I meet him again a few kilometers later, lying on the ground struggling with cramps.

The sprinter


As the “motivated runner”, starts at a very high pace, but he keeps it for the whole race. If you have the misfortune to crossing its path, he asks road with fake coughing and sometimes does not mind an elbow in the kidneys to get road.

Published: October 13 2015