Milano: Detection Utility for Hacking Team Malware

RookSecurity has released a malware removal tool called ‘Milano’, that scans the filesystem to search ‘Hacking Team malware’ associated files.


In the initial release of Milano, Rook analyzed 93 Windows binaries, and will update with new data extracted from the 400G of leaked Hacking Team files.

From RookSecurity site:

We began our analysis by pulling down the ‘Hacked Team’ Github repository. Although this was an easy source of information it was incomplete due to the size of the vector-ni project (~42.7Gb). As a result we determined it best to focus on the data available from the original 400Gb data dump. This initial pass resulted in 53 git projects; see Table 1 in ‘HT_Malware_Observations.pdf’ for analysis.

For more information and download:

Published: July 22 2015