Fitbit hackable in 10 seconds?

A vulnerability in FitBit fitness trackers first reported to the vendor in March could still be exploited by an attacker that sits near you.


The activity trackers wearables are wide open on their Bluetooth ports, according to research by Fortinet.

The attack is quick, and can spread to other computers that connect to an infected FitBit.

Attack is made over Bluetooth and the attacker must be near the target device. The malware can be delivered in 10 seconds once devices connect, making even fleeting proximity a problem.

Fortinet researcher Axelle Apvrille (@cryptax) says:

An attacker sends an infected packet to a fitness tracker nearby at bluetooth distance then the rest of the attack occurs by itself, without any special need for the attacker being near,

[…] when the victim wishes to synchronise his or her fitness data with FitBit servers to update their profile … the fitness tracker responds to the query, but in addition to the standard message, the response is tainted with the infected code.

From there, it can deliver a specific malicious payload on the laptop, that is, start a backdoor, or have the machine crash [and] can propagate the infection to other trackers (Fitbits).

It is the first time malware has been viably delivered to fitness trackers.

Here a video of the Proof-Of-Concept:

Published: October 24 2015