Frederike Kaltheuner @ #IJF16: understanding predictive privacy harms

The increasing prevalence of analytics and Big Data in both the private and public sector present novel challenges for privacy. In this presentation, an example of the concept of predictive privacy harms will be provided.

What does it actually mean to predict (individual) behaviour?

How do predictive analytics work?

Predictive analytics based on big data can turn into privacy harms?

In this interesting talk at International Journalism Festival, Frederike Kaltheuner seeks to clarify.

The speaker

Frederike Kaltheuner

Frederike Kaltheuner is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, where she work with the DATACTIVE collective.

She take a critical look at massive data collection, privacy and surveillance, techno activism, cybersecurity and internet infrastructure.

The talk

Published: April 11 2016