Apple was planning the Wi-Fi networks in 1991?

Flipping an old publication of MC-Microcomputer (an italian magazine dedicated to IT and Personal Computing), n. 106 of April 1991, my eye falls on this article (p. 74):

MC Microcomputer

In summary:

Apple in search of a radio band The Apple Computer has presented to the FCC the request for the assignment of a portion of the radio frequency spectrum available, for transmission via radio waves in order to make a wireless connection between computers. The petition to Apple, if approved, will open the way to a new class of communications data, called “Personal Data Communications Services” (Data-PCS).

Google does not returns many results for “DATA-PCS”, but I can still find the original petition on a MIT server and another brief reference on The Free Library:

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that it has filed a Petition for Rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission, asking the FCC to create an “NII Band” – a radio spectrum allocation that would permit high-speed data communications for schools, libraries, community groups, individuals, businesses and institutions. The proposed NII Band radio service would be accessible by equipment from any supplier and available to anyone without licensing or air-time charges, and would facilitate wireless participation in the National Information Infrastructure. Apple’s NII Band proposal follows the success of its five-year effort to obtain FCC frequency allocation for unlicensed data personal communications services (Data-PCS). Data-PCS allows computing devices to communicate wirelessly at relatively high data rates within a local area, such as throughout a school. Because the Data-PCS band is unlicensed, a user may establish and operate a wireless data communications network without paying a service provider for installation and air-time.

Even without Steve Jobs in charge (he returns in 1996) Apple was still focused on innovation: the first device based on WiFi 802.11 will be presented only six years later, in 1997 while Bluetooth technology was launched in 1999.