Niccolò Paganini, Ghiribizzo No. 17 'Le Streghe': my ukulele transcription (video and tabs)

In this “Ghiribizzo No. 17”, Paganini transcribes on the guitar a theme from his own composition, “Le streghe” (“Witches’ Dance”), Op.8, MS19.

Ghiribizzo 17 detail

From MusWrite:

[…] “Le Streghe” or in English, “The Witches”. The composition is for solo violin and orchestra and is based on a tune that Paganini heard in a performance of a ballet in Milan in 1813. The ballet, Le nozze di Benevento was a revision of an earlier ballet written in 1803 with music by Franz Xaver Süssmayr, a composer most well known for having finished Mozart’s Requiem. The tune announces the entrance of the witches in the ballet, hence the name given the piece by Paganini.

Ghiribizzo 17

The original key is D major, and for this transcript on ukulele was not necessary to make transpositions.

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Published: June 30 2015