Joseph Küffner, Valzer in G: my ukulele transcription (video and tabs)

Today I propose a transcript of a very short and simple didactical piece written by Joseph Küffner.

Joseph Küffner, Valzer in G

Joseph Küffner (1776 – 1856) was a German musician and composer who, among other achievements, contributed significantly to the guitar repertory, including chamber music. He was a violinist with the Würzburg court orchestra, and was later, when Würzburg became part of Bavaria (1802), assigned to take charge of military music. At this point he became bandmaster with a Bavarian Army regiment.


The original music sheet is taken from the book “Guitar Gradus” of Ruggero Chiesa:

Joseph Küffner, Valzer in G

The original key is G major, and this transcript on ukulele was not necessary to make transpositions.

You can download the ukulele score&tablature (with my fingering notes) from the link below.


Published: August 06 2015