Romance - Jeux Interdits: my ukulele arrangement (video and tabs)

There are many versions of this tune, which pass to Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega and arrive at Narciso Yepes.

Romance - Jeux Interdits

The paternity of the song is controversial: for more information you can read this (long) thread (dated 2006) on

The most famous version of Romance is that recorded by Yepes for the soundtrack of the film “Jeux Interdits” of 1952: probably the music is not completely composed by Yepes, but his contribution was fundamental to the success of this melody, which has become a synonymous of the classical guitar in the world.

Here a video of Yepes performing the song with his Ten-String Guitar:

This is my arrangement for Ukulele, with standard High-G tuning.

I’ve transcribed the song on ukulele trying to keep the fingering the most possible close to the original guitar parts, so i’ve transposed the song a fifth lower, from Em to Am.

For ukulele score&tablature (with my fingering notes), click the link below.


Published: September 01 2015