Nino Rota, The Godfather Theme (Speak Softly, Love): ukulele arrangement

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

The Godfather

As usual, some infos about the song from Wikipedia:

“Speak Softly, Love” is a song written for The Godfather (1972), the first film in the Godfather trilogy. Its instrumental version is simply known as “The Godfather Love Theme”. The lyrics are by Larry Kusik, and the music is by Nino Rota. There are also different sets of lyrics for the song in Italian (“Parla più piano”), French (“Parle plus bas”) and also in Sicilian (“Brucia la terra”). The Sicilian version is sung by Anthony Corleone (Franc D’Ambrosio) in The Godfather Part III.

Rota had used a more comedic version of the song for the 1958 film Fortunella. When this was discovered, Rota’s score for The Godfather was disqualified from consideration at the 1973 Academy Awards; it had been nominated for Best Original Score.[1] However, Rota’s score for The Godfather Part II won the 1974 Academy Award for Best Score, despite containing the same piece.

Ukulele score&tablature could be downloaded clicking the link below:


Published: November 17 2015