François Campion - Branle

“…un pas du pied gauche à gauche (pied gauche largy), ou en avant ou en arrière, ou encore sur les côtés,(droite ou gauche,) selon le trajet recommandé par la danse…”


The author

Treatise of accompaniment

François Campion (1680 - 1748) is generally regarded as the most important French Baroque guitarist after Robert de Visée.

He succeeds to Maltot as guitarist and theorbo player in the orchestra of the Royal Academy of Music in 1703

Maltot teaches him “the octave rule”, mentioned later in his “Treatise of accompaniment” (1716).

The piece

A branle is a type of French dance popular from the early 16th to the present, danced by couples in either a line or a circle.

The term also refers to the music and the characteristic step of the dance.

My arrangement

Unlike the guitar arrangement, my version includes full chords for a better usage of the ‘thin’ voice of ukulele

Here my ukulele version:

Ukulele score&tablature could be downloaded clicking the link below:


Published: January 05 2016