Robert de Visée - Minuet

A short piece usually played on guitar arranged for Ukulele.


The author

Robert de Visée
Robert de Visée (1650 - 1725)

Robert de Visée was a guitarist, theorbo and viol player, singer, and composer.

About 1680 he became a chamber musician to Louis XIV, in which capacity he often performed at court.

In 1709 he was appointed a singer in the royal chamber, and in 1719 he formally became guitar teacher to the king.

Rousseau stated that he also played the viol at court.

With Francesco Corbetta he was the foremost guitar composer of the French Baroque.

Visée’s two books of guitar music, Livre di guittarre dédié au roy (Paris, 1682) and Livre de piéces pour la guittarre (Paris 1686), contain twelve suites between them.

He also wrote works for Baroque lute and theorbo.

The piece

A minuet is a social dance of French origin for two people, usually in 3/4 time.

The word was adapted from Italian minuetto and French menuet, possibly from the French menu meaning slender, small, referring to the very small steps, or from the early 17th-century popular group dances called branle à mener or amener.

The term also describes the musical style that accompanies the dance, which subsequently developed more fully, often with a longer musical form called the minuet and trio, and was much used as a movement in the early classical symphony.

My arrangement

Here my ukulele version:

Ukulele score&tablature could be downloaded clicking the link below:


Published: January 11 2016